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Women in Troy, as told by our mothers

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Women in Troy, as Told by Our Mothers tells the mythical tale of the besieged city of Troy from the perspective of women, and in particular that of our mothers. Past and present intertwine, the personal and the mythical merge, heroes become monsters, victims become perpetrators and, in the end the chorus, takes the lead. 
A history from a feminist point of view. 

The play’s author, Portuguese director and playwright Tiago Rodrigues, drew inspiration from various versions of the myth, as well as recent world events and stories from his own life and those of cast members Alesya Andrushevska, Manja Topper, Kuno Bakker and Tomer Pawlicki. 
We, the audience, share in the ambitions and visions, fears and desires, and frustrations and anger of Helena, Hecuba, Cassandra and Andromache

With/by Tiago Rodrigues, Alesya Andrushevska, Manja Topper, Kuno Bakker, Tomer Pawlicki, Michael Yallop, Ramses van den Hurk en Doris de Bruijn.

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