PLAYGROUND is written by Rob de Graaf and plays on location in Amsterdam Nieuw-West and Utrecht. The performance moves between a soft childhood idyll and harsh social reality.

A group of five children (played by adult actors) have created their own habitat, a place where they can play by their own rules, where they talk using their own logic, and where they alone define the rules of human conduct. You might call it a place of freedom, except some here are freer than others. And it’s not all fun and games, because there are those who seek to dominate and subjugate. And there are also those who resist that powerful impose on the weak. Friendships and power relations are in continual flux. Concepts of conscience and responsibility hold little meaning to them. And there where any responsibility is involved, it is skillfully passed at will from one to the other.

PLAYGROUND is a parable about power, group dynamics and manipulation.
With Manja Topper, Tomer Pawlicki, Abdelkarim el Baz, Bram Walter, Ella Kamerbeek, Wessel Schrik, Rob de Graaf, Michael Yallop en Ramses van den Hurk.

This play will be performed in Amsterdam and Utrecht.

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