Media & credits

CreditsKuno Bakker, Titus Muizelaar, Manja Topper, Julian Maiwald, Michael Yallop
TextRob de Graaf
posterKuno Bakker
stage designWim T. Schippers
a coproduction withAdelheid+Zina

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Matglazen Vensters

Premiere date

A coproduction between Adelheid+Zina and Dood Paard

Doeze and Tacita: a couple the wrong side of fifty. They can’t keep up with a fast changing world. Gentrification repeatedly drives them further to the edge of the city and each time they sullenly pack their bags. The new metropolis is advancing ever further and it’s doubtful whether there’s still room for them. The water in the placid pond of their lives threatens to splash over the sides when Beau arrives. He is Doeze’s son from a previous marriage. Beau symbolizes a different world to the one Doeze and Tacita are familiar with. A life in sync with these high-speed times.
And despite his all-knowing attitude and sharp vision of the laws that dictate the new world, Beau also has his moments of doubt.

After the in situ performance Eiland (2015) in which Manja Topper and Titus Muizelaar first assumed the roles of Tacita and Doeze, Matglazen Vensters is the second piece that Rob de Graaf has written for these two actors and two characters, this time accompanied by Kuno Bakker as Beau. The stage design is by Wim T. Schippers

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