Media & credits

CreditsKuno Bakker, Gillis Biesheuvel, Steve Green, Manja Topper, Iwan Van Vlierberghe, Oscar van Woensel
posterKuno Bakker
landscapesRemco Packbiers, Sal Kroonenberg

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Chinindrest take-away

Premiere date

A play like a performance. Every night the actors react to one another with a hoard of monologues and statements accumulated during rehearsals.

Each enactment reveals another part of that treasure, although there is no sequence or underlying structure. The fragments memorised by the actors are the elements that, each night, spark a dramatic development and a new discussion.

A play with verbal jamming like jazz music. Sound fragments supplied by a DJ serve as a backing for the actors’ words and give them a musical directness. Short and long samples lead the audience down cellars or through pastures, invoke loathing, lust, a hangover or serenity. Sound fragments tie in with text fragments. Music connects with emotions and subsequently triggers other emotions causing a discussion to change course

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