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CreditsGillis Biesheuvel, Rob de Graaf, Anil Jagdewsing, Manja Topper, Iwan Van Vlierberghe, Oscar van Woensel
TextRob de Graaf
posterKuno Bakker

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too foreign too tired too disappointed too glib
too long ago too much to drink too exaggerated too poor
too civilized sat down together too often too old too third world
too well-meaning too self-seeking too innocent
too bloodthirsty too exploitive too Dutch too dark too geslacht

Boy in a Boat can be seen as a modern version of ‘Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf. In close collaboration with Dood Paard, Dutch playwright Rob de Graaf wrote a ‘well-made play’ about a well-to-do couple and their friend who has brought an exotic young boyfriend back from a distant land. A story of people in their fifties, emotionally crippled, who are desperately trying to make something of their lives. A story in which the immigrant evokes in turn compassion and disgust and turns up the pressure.

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