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CreditsKuno Bakker, Gillis Biesheuvel, Sara De Roo, Manja Topper, Oscar van Woensel, Coen Jongsma
TextOscar van Woensel
posterKuno Bakker

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In a luxurious villa situated somewhere in the Veluwe.
A writer, an actress, a junkie, a Belgian and a late arrival sit in the drawing room after dinner. Coffee and cognac are served. Their parents are dead. A car accident. (they overlooked an oncoming train) The funeral is tomorrow.

The brothers and sisters haven’t seen each other for a long time. It soon becomes clear why not. Because they are full of hate. They hate everybody and everything. They hate themselves, they hate each other and most of all they hate the past. Slowly but surely that past is reconstructed to reveal a history of incest, rape and gross sexual abuse.

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