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Dood Paard performs three plays about the Dutch status quo: a viewpoint 

Early in 2006 Dood Paard presents ‘ZELF PORTRET dat kan geen toeval zijn’. The makers declare of   their new production: society forces us to take a stance. SELF PORTRAIT is followed by two more productions about The Netherlands. ECO is a satire by Oscar van Woensel about the building boom gripping Holland and SCHUUR is a black comedy by Rob de Graaf about the downfall of the left.

We are writing anno 2007. The political landscape has changed. A left-wing Christian alliance is in power. Rita Verdonk is part of the opposition and parliamentary debate is regularly taken over by populistic  interpellations. A wind of change is blowing through Holland, that much is true. But the question is, in which direction. Living together, working together is the new slogan. The fifties are back in fashion. The environment is a selling point.

In STOCK NEDERLAND, Dood Paard gives three performances during three weeks in Theater Frascati in Amsterdam. The performances complement one another and give a varied impression of the country where the makers were born and raised. A country they have experienced and also helped form.

During this edition of STOCK NEDERLAND, discussions will be held with makers. As special extra Dood Paard will also present: docuNEDERLAND, an evening with documentaries, talks and observations about The Netherlands now.




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