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CreditsJanneke Remmers, Joachim Robbrecht, Manja Topper, Julian Maiwald, Michael Yallop
TextRob de Graaf
posterKuno Bakker
costumesBas Kosters
wigsJohn Gravemaker
made possible byPrins Bernhard Cultuurfonds / Scato Gockinga Fonds
thanks toPepa Canel

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A new text by Rob de Graaf about two queens and a maidservant. With costumes by Bas Kosters.

En ma fin est mon commencement

A historical falsification of the meeting between Elizabeth I and Maria Stuart. Both claim the English throne. Elizabeth I has seized power and Maria Stuart awaits her death sentence. Distrust, religious discord and unequal positions of power dominate their relation. Pragmatism versus romanticism.

Décolleté comes from decollo,
decollo means: I bare my neck.
Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots,
climbed the scaffold in appropriate dress,
her gown with plunging neckline
was as red as a haematoma.

before the window in a distant room
stood Elizabeth Tudor, Queen of England
dressed in a white gown
triumphantly buttoned up to the neck
and embellished with starched frills.

In chorus they thought:
‘Lord, have pity on me.’
‘Truth is on my side.’

Life is perseverance.’
‘In certain circumstances the owl is the daughter of the baker.’
‘This will never pass.’
‘What am I doing in this place, there’s nothing here anyway.’

Dressed differently – we can be sure of that.
The detail
is impassive

Wislawa Szymborska

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