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Creditsconcept, regie & spel: Gillis Biesheuvel, Naomi Velissariou
TextRik van den Bos
lichtontwerpAllard Vonk
geluidsontwerpRichard Janssen

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Only when you stand in an open field do you see that the horizon is all around you.

It’s not a straight line. It’s a circle.
We’re surrounded. It could come from any direction.

Nobody knows when it happened exactly. Some time while we were binge watching House of Cards, while we were refreshing, while we waited for a parcel from Zalando to be delivered or the groceries from AH online. At some time fear  crept into our lives and under our skin.

A pale man tells a story about fear. He speaks to us from the walls of a burning city. The prologue. Actually a task to be performed by a god, but due to a lack of gods, a mortal addresses us. He tells of a young, unsuspecting women who, just before the fall of the city, was getting ready to go to a party only to return distraught.

Q & A is a contemporary myth about fear, guilt, responsibility and the relativity of winning and losing.

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