Media & credits

CreditsKuno Bakker, Jeroen De Man, Vincent Rietveld, Manja Topper
techniqueManuel Boutreur, Ramses van den Hurk
lighting designPrem Scholte Albers
productionThomas Royé
designKok Pistolet
made possible byGreenQ, Hemp Flax,, Snacker Funfoods, P. van Geest Plantenkwekerij, Bouwfonds Ontwikkeling
thanks toAnke de Vries, Peter Klapwijk, Rob Nieborg, Caroline Bliddal

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Il faut cultiver son jardin.

The animals are suffering  and their wailing fills the air. The forests fall victim to destruction. The mountains are ripped open for the metals that grow in their veins. And man esteems and praises those who inflict  most harm on nature and mankind.   
(Leonardo da Vinci)

We bring nature back home. We build a garden. We fertilize a vacant office building. We’ll see how far we get. We talk with people with extra knowhow. We stir Mark’s mycelium through the neighbour’s coffee grinds. We pool our meagre expertise. We test the colour of our fingers. We place sticks next to young shoots. We de-shoot and prune and weed and water. We make a production. This is how we make our production (for you).

In Paradise, Dood Paard and De Warme Winkel join forces; two theatre groups who both in their own way, make productions that are both critical and exuberant, elitist and spectacular, funny and profound.

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