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CreditsManja Topper, Anne Karin Ten Bosch, Oscar van Woensel
TextOscar van Woensel

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….’there’s nothing permanent in this whole, wide world. Everything passes, each thing gains form and expires. Yes, also time goes by in a steady stream like a river that can do as little to check its own flow as time can wait for a fleeting hour: like water propels water, pushing from behind but also pressing ahead, time also hurries forth in pursuit of itself while being constantly renewed…’
(from Ovid’s Metamorphoses)

The book Metamorphoses that Publius Ovidius Naso wrote during the first decennium of our era, consists of a series of stories about transformations set in a condensed period beginning with the Chaos and ending in his own age. The myths of Jupiter, Apollo, Bacchus, Medea, Narcissus, Phaeton and many other gods, half-gods, forest and mountain nymphs, mortals and farmers, among others, form a chain of events up to the time of Augustus.

On the basis of the themes dealt with in the Metamorphoses, Dood Paard will make a series of 15 productions that focus on current times. These will be staged during three consecutive weeks. Although the episodes are part of series, they can also be viewed individually.

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