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CreditsGillis Biesheuvel, Marien Jongewaard, Joachim Robbrecht, Manja Topper, Julian Maiwald, René Rood, Raymond Querido
TextRob de Graaf
translation to South-AfricanCatherine Henegan

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A family held together by frustrated ambitions flees to a strange, distant country. The father, mother and two adult sons travel to South Africa – but inevitably they realize that there too, the air is thin, the ground hard and life arduous. This country offers no sun-drenched swimming pool idyll but instead a troubled existence in a white trash caravan park.

Inspired by among other things, Eugene O’Neills drama ‘Long day’s journey into night’,  Dood Paard makes a completely new play that tells of aversion and solidarity, about belief in liberation and the prison called reality. But no matter how deep the spiral  twists downwards – one elementary life force perseveres to the very end. Tomorrow could bring what today so sorely lacks.

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