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CreditsKuno Bakker, Jochen Balbaert, Gillis Biesheuvel, Maartje van den Brink, Ellen Goemans, Rutger Kroon, Lot Lohr, Annemieke Schenke, Ad Schuring, Manja Topper, Iwan Van Vlierberghe, Oscar van Woensel
TextOscar van Woensel
posterKuno Bakker
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IlIAS marks Dood Paard’s debut in a large theatre. To that end Dood Paard collaborated with the Kaaitheater, Brussels.

Ares: Athena / Be real / War is war and war must be because war must be / the only reason to wage war is war itself.
Zeus: Good wine / Very good wine this
Hera: Nice isn’t it
Zeus: Very nice
Hera: How nice?
Zeus: Extremely nice
Hera: Hmm nice
Ares: Athena / You have nothing to say / Why so silent?
Athena: I don’t feel like talking about it Ares

Homer’s Iliad, an episode form the Trojan war,  forms the basis of the piece. IlIAS shifts the perspective of the play to that of the gods atop mount Olympus, far from the mortals on earth. Every day the Olympians meet to enjoy a meal, drink their godly wine, argue and fight or justify their views. Here the course of events are decided shaping the course of history. In between marital tiffs, gut emotions, lust, fear and rancor, the gods dispose over life and death on earth.

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