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CreditsKuno Bakker, Mokhallad Rasem, Iwan Van Vlierberghe
Publicity photoVincent Delbrouck
A coproduction withToneelhuis

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Two men.
They want to build a house.
They collect building materials to make a construction where they’ll feel at home.
Which will protect them from the outside world. 
A nice house too, a place they like to come back to.  
They do it together.
But what are the criteria for this house?
How can they make something that will make them both happy?
Something that satisfies their need for beauty, safety and security.
And sustainability of course.
Where will they place the windows for example? And how many windows? Will there be a spare room for guests? Also uninvited ones? 
And what happens when the house is full? Will they erect a tent in the garden? Or build another storey on top? 
What will the neighbours think? 
Will they have pictures on the walls? What colour will the walls be? Off-white or will they dare use brighter colours?
But the biggest question is: how will they agree on everything?

After their successful production De Verse Tijd, in which two men meet and build up a friendship, Mokhallad Rasem and Kuno Bakker have collaborated on a new project. In Homemade they continue to build, but now on a place they can call home. Now is the time to take action. To build  something. The key question Homemade asks is: where do you feel at home? A query that generates topical themes like security, fear, hospitality, prosperity and climate change.    

Play dates

4 Feb 2022
Theater Kikker Utrecht
5 Feb 2022
Theater Kikker Utrecht
10 Feb 2022
Concordia Enschede
11 Feb 2022
Theater Rotterdam Rotterdam
23 Feb 2022
De Nieuwe Vorst Tilburg
8 Mar 2022
Peeriscoop Gorinchem
4 Jun 2022
Arsenaal/Lazarus Mechelen België
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