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CreditsKuno Bakker, Mokhallad Rasem, Iwan Van Vlierberghe
Publicity photoVincent Delbrouck
A coproduction withToneelhuis

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A humorous, poetic and evocative celebration of cooperation

Following on from the success of De verse tijd, this collaborative piece by Kuno Bakker (Dood Paard) and Mokhallad Rasem (Toneelhuis, Antwerp) is the second part of a trilogy completed by Looking for habibi in April 2022.

In De verse tijd, two men met and built a friendship, and in Homemade they continue building, literally making a place where they can live together and both feel at home. It’s time for action. It’s time to get building.

So there they are: two men who want to build a house.
They gather building materials to make a construction where they feel at home,
and where they will be protected from the outside world.
It also needs to be an attractive house, one they can look forward to being in.
They get started.
But what are the criteria that the house needs to satisfy?
How will they create a place that makes them both happy
that meets their requirements for beauty, safety, security.
Where, for example, should the windows go? Actually, how many windows should there even be?
And what to do when the house gets full? Pitch tents in the garden?
Do they want to hang anything up on the wall? What colour should the walls be?
Regular off-white, or will they rustle up the courage to use bright colours? But the biggest question of all is this: How they will ever agree?

Homemade toured throughout the 2021-2022 season.

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