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CreditsKuno Bakker, Gillis Biesheuvel, Manja Topper, Titus Muizelaar, Frank Vercruyssen, Nasir Husen, Joachim Robbrecht, Jeroen Perceval, Bojan Djordjev, Annemieke Ros, Linda Lugtenborg
posterKuno Bakker

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Dood Paard Week 2016

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The Dood Paard Week 2016 is a roller coaster ride with a variegated parade of guests and characters, unpredictable mise-en-scenes and singular lighting designs. From 24 through 31 May we will stage a number of recent highlights together with exceptional creations by kindred theatre makers.

We start the week with the comeback of Play with Food, in which Manja Topper, Nasir Husen, and Titus Muizelaar read Rob de Graaf’s texts Eiland and Can I Work Now while Ishan Mohiddin serves upa three-course meal. In Eiland we see how Doeze and Tacita  struggle in the modern city which no longer seems to offer a safe haven for these fortune hunters from Amsterdam Oost while in the contemporary one act play Can I Work Now, a refugee residing on Storm and Leela’s couch becomes the subject of a familiar discussion without ever really becoming a participant.
After that Kuno Bakker and Jeroen Perceval, yes indeed well-known thanks to the Borgman and Rundskop films but also from many other productions, take  you on a trip to Thebe. Thebe is a special story about an artist who knows that a time-out from work is necessary but in a tragicomic way allows this break to become part of his oeuvre. He takes on the role of a demonic father who clashes with his insecure, artistic son who in turn uses their meeting to create an installation.
When, after three evenings, the father and son artists have finally exhausted their discussion, it’s time for our guest performance. We’re proud to present Bojan Djordjev and Joachim Robbrecht with their production Discrete Charm of Marxism, back in Amsterdam for the first time after its initial success. The public is treated to six courses in the form of Karl Marx quotations. In the surrounding bookcases real food is available. Meanwhile, the hosts lure the guests into a discussion about Class Society and the future of Capitalism. Discrete Charm of Marxism is a special dinner where everyone pours out and serves up insights for the other. If you’re still hungry afterwards, you can grab a pizza slice or chips in the Damstraat.
We kick off the weekend with Macbain featuringrockstarsKurt Cobain and Courtney Love completewith a 15 minute review of the entire Macbeth cast. The King and Queen give a sinister albeit fresh twist to Gerardjan Rijnders poetic lines about ambition, greed and fear of failure against a unique musical backdrop created by Wessel Schrik. All the roles in this modern royalist drama are played by Manja Topper andGillis Biesheuvel.
Next up are special guests Linda Lugtenborg and Annemieke Ros who graduated together from the Rits in Brussels, they will perform The Maids about the the feasibility of life. After The Maids, the Dood Paard Week 2016 will be concluded with STAN and Dood Paard. Mark, Ivan andSerge, that is  Frank Vercruyssen, Kuno Bakker andGillis Biesheuvel use artist Yasmina Reza’s white painting to draw up the balance of their twenty-year friendship, giving a final unintentional absurdist twist to this comedy.

Play with Food 24 May at 18h30
Thebe 24, 25 and 26 May at 20h30
The Discrete Charm of Marxism 27 May at 19h00
MACBAIN 28 and 29 May at 20h30
DeMeiden spelen ChopChopBangBang 30 May at 19h45
Kunst 30 and 31 May at 20h30

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