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Dood Paard Week 2013

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Since January 1, we have taken up residence in Theater Frascati.
We’ve found an inspiring work place on the second floor next to the grid of the main auditorium. To celebrate, we’re staging a Dood Paard Week from 8 through 11 May. During this week, Dood Paard will present a programme with classic repertoire featuring a new cast and brand new material by  kindred spirits.

We play Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf? (Edward Albee) featuring the recently graduated Naomi Vellisariou as guest actor. The production dates from 1994; it was Dood Paard’s second performance in a repertoire that now spans 20 prolific years.  A clear-cut, hilarious and painful presentation of an evening that goes totally out of control.

Together with guest actors and musicians we play Serotonine, twelve live radio plays set to music by composer Maarten Ornstein. Gerardjan Rijnders, Esther Gerritsen, Enver Husicic, Sanneke van Hasselt and Hassan Bahara were among those who wrote texts about happiness: what makes us happy? Why? How long does it last?

Every evening the supporting programme serves up an episode of Play With Food: wining and dining while being read to. You can listen to new texts by Enver Husicic and Joachim Robbrecht. Moreover,  we’re staging the Dood Paard classic, Blaat (Oscar van Woensel) with of course Sara de Roo, accompanied this time by Jeroen de Man.
The week will be concluded in style with a Saturday night party replete with phat DJ’s and unplugged cocktails.

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