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CreditsGillis Biesheuvel, Anouk Driessen
posterMoritz Ebinger
with assistance ofFloortje Bakkeren, Bas Bossinade, Flrian Diepenbrock, Edwin Donders, Kaj Driessen, Moritz Ebinger, Dirkje Houtman, Marten Oosthoek, René Rood, Simone Scholts, Czeslaw de Wijs

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forgot an appointment
forgot my suit
forgot to say hello
forgot to feed it
forgot your name
forgot the street
forgot my passport
forgot to eat
forgot to put on my shoes
forgot to lock up / turn off the gas
forgot I can’t swim
forgot what it looks like here
forgot to order
forgot I wanted to
forgot I was being watched
forgot to look you in the eye
forgot to touch you
forgot what you came to do here
forgot who you are
forgot who you know

My lies make me heroic, I continually think up new lies for you, all of you, everything and everybody, a fresh triumph over your doubt, a new appropriation.

About mistaken memories. Disintegration. Dementia. Unparalleled perspectives. Dismantling. About forgetting as much as possible. Not knowing.
Erasing recollections of everything familiar, consciously or unconsciously. Uprooting all existing forms, familiar structures are demolished, the family album is dismantled, the LP collection thrown out the window, annoying friends are shown the door. ‘No, sorry I’ve really no idea who you are”. What remains are fleeting impressions, snippets of text, loose pieces of wreckage and images that together form a new framework. Unstable but autonomous.

Everyone has at least three lives, a real life, an imaginary life and an unseen life.
Even in the most well-ordered society, a ceaseless pacing through the blubber
Pieces of wreckage and spare parts packed on top of one another in a giant spare parts hangar.
On average half-a-million thoughts per hour in the afternoon.
Presumption must be given precedence.
Reading aloud pieces of wreckage, bits and pieces, heads, who don’t say NO, heads that are thrown to and fro in the air. Main streets that connect all towns with one another: a ship sets sail out of my brain and cuts the world apart.

film makers
gallery owners
costume makers

With assistance of Floortje Bakkeren, Bas Bossinade, Flrian Diepenbrock, Edwin Donders, Kaj Driessen, Moritz Ebinger, Dirkje Houtman, Marten oosthoek, René Rood, Simone Scholts, Czeslaw de Wijs

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