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Context program for The Tragedy of Slaughtervaart

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In recent years, dramaturge, programme maker and Dramaturgy, Theatre History and Cultural History teacher Florian Hellwig has organized special context programmes for the productions Volpone and Victor of de kinderen aan de macht. His in-depth programme consisted of introductions and informative preliminary or follow-up discussions with guests like Stine Jensen, Eva Rovers, Frank Meester, Thijs Lijster, Daan Roovers, Lieven de Cauter and others.

To accompany The Tragedy of Slaughtervaart, Florian will again organize a context programme for which philosophers, writers, scientists, entrepreneurs and politicians will be invited. Discussions will address topics like the privatization of public services, free market utopia, neo-liberalism and the history of the district New West in Amsterdam. Each week Florian will interview one or more guests to be announced on this website – so stay tuned. On certain days he will also give a contextual introduction. Data will be posted online shortly.  

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