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CreditsEllen Goemans, Janneke Remmers, Manja Topper, Ramses van den Hurk, Steffie de Haan, Jan Marne Haak, Prem Scholte Albers
TextRob de Graaf
posterKuno Bakker
English translationPaul Evans
with the cooperation ofKrzysztof Burdzy, Pepa Canel, Roy Peters, Carmen Schabracq (, Hans Westendorp
part ofInternational Dublin Gay Theatre Festival 2016
English translation has been made possible byLira Fonds
plays in Dublin supported byPerforming Arts Fund NL, Stichting Melanie

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A performance about militant female sexuality in a small community, with lots of sultry dialogue, jealousy and emotional violence. Along the way, the three actresses re-enact some famous performances by female artists from 1964 to 2016.

We’re awake, all three of us
We’re bright and clear, and completely responsible
We’re putting our senses in just-let-us-feel-mode, and then we’ll remember:
Life is a plan – it’s our plan – and we’re carrying that plan out, painstakingly and with a smile

A smile?
No – you’re totally not smiling at all, you’re just imagining it
That face of yours is a dark cloud – the sort of cloud that acid rain could pour out of at any moment 

Rob de Graaf, Manja Topper and Ellen Goemans have previously worked together on FREETOWN, now they have created the feminist lesbian relationship comedy BOTOX ANGELS, together with Janneke Remmers.

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