Media & credits

CreditsGillis Biesheuvel, Gerardjan Rijnders
TextWillem de Wolf
posterKuno Bakker

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The photos of beautiful, pale boys hide a world without hope. The art world is all about money and lechery. A collector of contemporary photography (Gerardjan Rijnders) travels with a younger friend (Gillis Biesheuvel) to the Kunstmesse in Basel. But the focus soon shifts to an outdoor café, where the art collector waits in vain for his date, the young, dark-skinned waiter Allurie whom he met the previous evening. A provocative conversation between the two friends descends into a desperate litany on beauty and morality. In their imagination they travel from the cultural centre of Basel to the dreary suburbs, Allurie’s illegal world where every detail could produce a photo for the Kunstmesse.

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