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CreditsGillis Biesheuvel, Matthias de Koning
posterKuno Bakker

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antwort & frage 2003

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During yet another new season Matthias de Koning (Discordia) and Gillis Biesheuvel (Dood Paard) present Antwort & Frage 2003 in the political-cultural centre, De Balie situated on the Kleine Gartmanplantsoen, Amsterdam.

Antwort & Frage 2003 is a theatrical journalistic search after the nether side of bureaucracy; the places where anonymous decisions are made. We’re familiar with stories about the harsh underclass. We know the tales about the so-called top echelon, who command full media coverage with exhaustive interviews and photo opportunities. Many questions generated by the terrain in between remain unanswered. No persons will be imitated.

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