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CreditsGillis Biesheuvel, Luz da Camara, Julian Maiwald, Gerardjan Rijnders, René Rood, Manja Topper, Gonçalo Waddington
TextGerardjan Rijnders
posterKuno Bakker
publicity and educationRaymond Querido
co-producersAlkantara festival (Lissabon), Festival Baltoscandal (Estland), Rotterdamse Schouwburg (De Internationale Keuze), Entré Scenen (Århus, Denemarken), Baltic Circle Festival (Helsinki)
translation into EnglishPaul Evans
translation in PortugueseMiguel Castro Caldas
with financial support ofhet Culturele Programma van de Europese Unie
a cooperation withNXTSTP

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ANSWER ME is Gerardjan Rijnders’ first theatre text for Dood Paard theatre company. It paints a disconcerting picture of the human species.

Who are you? What’s your name? How old are you? Where do you come from? Are you a journalist? Do you love me? Are you Dutch? Turkish? Portuguese? Do you even know where that is, Portugal? What they speak there? What do you speak, actually? Can you even speak? Why are you here? What were you doing in Pakistan? What were you doing in Utrecht? What were you doing in Riga? Are you married and if yes, why? Was there a woman who wanted to marry you? A man perhaps? Where do you come from? What’re you after here? What have you done? Name? Age? Profession? Keep your head up! You are a terrorist! We’ve got you now! And we’ll give it to you good! You fuckers! Have you ever worn blue shoes? Have you ever seen kid’s films? Do you drink water! Do you love your mother? Do you love your father? Did Tommy Cooper pay for your ticket? Have you ever had a pet? A dog, a cat, or a marmot? Or a Negro? Have you ever experimented with explosives? Would you like to work for us? You’ll mix in interesting circles. Harley bikers’ circles. Would you tell us something interesting? Can we arrange a fine place for you to spend the night? Nice and warm. With a mattress. And a blanket. A shower. If you cooperate with us you’ll be able to sleep in peace. As long as you want. I know that your God gives you power. You’ve been living in those tiny cages for so long. No one could keep that up. You all pray and your God helps you. Otherwise you’d go crazy of course. Do you love me? Answer me! Bastard! I love you.

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